"Voyage" is the 28th single released by Hamasaki Ayumi on September 26, 2002. "Voyage" debuted at #1 on the weekly charts with more than 319,020 copies sold in its first week and remained at the top position for 3 consecutive weeks out of a total 28 weeks on the chart, becoming her longest charting single. The single sold a total of 679,463 copies and became the ninth best selling single of the year. To date, "Voyage" is Ayumi Hamasaki's only single which has remained in the top position of the weekly Oricon charts for at least three weeks other than "H" and "A", however, "Voyage" is Hamasaki's only single to stay at #1 for 3 consecutive weeks ("A" and "H" spent 3 non-consecutive weeks at #1). "Voyage" was used as the theme song of the Japanese movie Tsuki ni Shizumu, which was created in lieu of a PV for the single. It was also used as the ending song of a Japanese television drama My Little Chef starring Hiroshi Abe and Aya Ueto.

Oricon Weekly Ranks & Sales

Week #Week RankSalesTotal Sales
1 1 319,020319,020
2 1 113,390432,410
3 1 65,860498,270
4 3 52,490550,760
5 6 30,840581,600
6 10 20,930602,530
7 14 16,190618,720
8 21 10,010628,730
9 28 7,123635,853
10 26 7,563643,416
11 27 7,083650,499

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