This Is the One is album by Japanese-American pop singer-songwriter Utada. This will be Utada's third English language album and her eighth studio album overall. The album was originally set to be released in Japan on March 4, 2009; however, the album was pushed back to March 14, 2009. In the United States, the album was released on March 24, 2009 digitally, with the physical release slated to be May 12, 2009.


On October 23, 2007, Utada wrote a message on her Japanese blog stating that she was writing and recording demos for her next English album while simultaneously completing her fifth Japanese studio album.[1] During her interview with Ningin on February 3, 2009, Utada states that she wanted to make a mainstream album, and the result was a more R&B influenced album because that's what currently is mainstream.[2] In an interview with Kiwibox on February 20, 2009, Utada explains that the title of the album came about because she was going for a more mainstream sound for this record, and that it would be the "breakout" album.[3]


Utada worked with various other artists on several tracks, including The-Dream, the Stargate produced, prematurely published "Apple and Cinnamon" and sometime later at least one other currently unknown track produced by Christopher Stewart (music producer)|Christopher "Tricky" Stewart[4]. On January 9, her subject-exclusive blog indicated that she was nearing completion of the album, and said of the work involved, "If this were a live show, I’m at the painful part about 2 songs before the break for the encore." She also stated that, upon completion of the album production, she would post her first new English blog message of the year[5]. Official Japanese and English press releases posted online January 22 confirmed that Utada had worked with famed producers Stargate as well as C. “Tricky” Stewart, and that the album's recording had taken place in New York, Atlanta, and Tokyo, and 10 songs were written (by her) for the project[6][7]. In a blog post dated January 31, Utada mentioned that she had on that day decided on the sequence of songs and that the album was soon to be mastered. She also wrote that the title would soon be announced[8]. In a recent issue of WHAT'S IN? Japanese Magazine, two more track titles were revealed (Poppin' and Automatic Part II) and other significant tidbits of information regarding the upcoming release, with a highlight in Utada having reportedly only been in the studio with Stargate for roughly one hour, with most everything else regarding the album's production being done transferring data from Japan back to New York or Norway.


  1. On and On
    • Producer: Tricky Stewart
    • Length: 3:17
  2. Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence - FYI
    • Producer: Stargate
    • Length: 3:49
  3. Apple And Cinnamon
    • Producer: Stargate
    • Length: 4:38
  4. Taking My Money Back
    • Producer: Tricky Stewart
    • Length: 3:12
  5. This One (Crying Like A Child)
    • Producer: Stargate
    • Length: 4:30
  6. Automatic Part II
    • Producer: Tricky Stewart
    • Length: 3:00
  7. Dirty Desire
    • Producer: Tricky Stewart
    • Length: 3:51
  8. Poppin'
    • Producer: Stargate
    • Length: 3:31
  9. Come Back To Me
    • Producer: Stargate
    • Length: 3:56
  10. Me Muero
    • Producer: Stargate
    • Length: 3:25

Bonus Tracks

  1. Simple and Clean
  2. Sanctuary (Opening)
  3. Sanctuary (Closing)


On February 3, Utada had a two-part interview with Ningin's Asian Media Online community to further promote her new music [9]. On February 6, Island Records took out an advertisement for Utada's first single "Come Back To Me" on radio industry news site FMBQ. On February 14, Utada had an interview with|GossipGirls where she talked about her mistakes with Exodus and the new concept for her upcoming album. [10] On February 20, Utada had an interview with|Kiwibox to further promote her upcoming album. [11] On March 3, Asiance Magazine interviewed Utada about her upcoming album.[12] It has also been announced that Utada will be hosting several listening parties at Sephora stores around America.[13][14][15]

Oricon Ranks & Sales

Week #1234567Week RankSalesTotal Sales
1 - ---122377,83277,832
2 6 654444555,782133,614
3 4 1088666828,730162,344
4 6 765566616,924177,268
5 6 111212109101110,038187,306
6 9 221614141313147,315194,621
7 6 221918191617167,708202,329
8 13 272421181720226,072208,401
9 22 232524252226244,252212,653
10 25 ---272925194,904217,557
11 29 ---------

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