TRICK is the seventh studio album by Koda Kumi released on 28th January 2009 in CD and CD+2DVD editions. The CD contains ten new tracks as well as the singles Moon Crying, That Ain't Cool, TABOO, and stay with me. The first DVD contains the music video for Moon Crying, That Ain't Cool, TABOO, stay with me, show girl, and JUST THE WAY YOU ARE and the second DVD contains the concert footage from 'Dirty Ballroom ~One Night Show~' that was recorded on 23rd October 2008. In an interview, Koda stated that she originally planned to have music video's for each track like in Kingdom, but in the end decided to have two. She commented that "JUST THE WAY YOU ARE resembles [her] former self while show girl represents [her] performance side".[1]

TRICK debuted at #1 and sold 253,346 copies in the first week. It maintained the #1 position for two weeks and also took the #1 position for Oricon monthly album chart.

TRICK is certified Double Platinum by RIAJ for shipment of 500,000 copies.

Koda Kumi
Catalog Number
RZCD-46170/B~C (CD+2DVD)
RZCD-46171 (CD)
¥ 5,200 (CD+2DVD)
¥ 3,059 (CD)
CD Tracklist
  2. TABOO
  3. show girl
  4. Your Love
  5. stay with me
  6. This is not a love song
  7. Driving
  8. Bling Bling Bling Feat. AK-69
  9. That Ain't Cool Feat. Fergie
  10. Hurry Up!
  11. Moon Crying
  13. Joyful
  14. Ai No Kotoba ( 愛のことば; Words of Love)
  15. Venus (CD+2DVD Limited Edition Bonus Track)
DVD 1 Tracklist
  1. show girl
  3. Moon Crying
  4. That Ain't Cool (Album Version)
  5. TABOO
  6. stay with me
  • Note: 6 hidden videos are available when selecting the secret menu from Kumi's left eye
  1. show girl (Making of)
  2. JUST THE WAY YOU ARE (Making of)
  3. Moon Crying (Making of)
  4. That Ain't Cool (Making of)
  5. TABOO (Making of)
  6. stay with me (Making of)
DVD 2 Tracklist

Dirty Ballroom ~One Night Show~

  1. Cherry Girl: Space Cowboy Remix
  2. D.D.D.
  3. Shake It Up: Kazz Caribbean Remix
  4. Always
  5. come back
  6. Butterfly
  7. Bounce
  8. BUT
  9. Teaser Feat. Clench & Blistah
  10. Hot Stuff
  11. Amai Wana (甘い罠; Sweet Trap)
  12. Hana (華; Flower)
  13. Candy Feat. Mr.Blistah: Mad Reggaeton Remix
  14. Selfish: The Meaning of Peace
  15. WIND: Portable Wind Mix
  • Encore
  1. TABOO
  2. TAKE BACK: Remix
  3. Sora (空; Sky): Yukihiro Fukutomi Remix

Oricon Ranks & Sales

Week # Week Rank Sales Total Sales
1 #1 253,346 253,346
2 #1 56,008  309,354
3 #3 29,776  339,130
4 #10  14,433  353,563
5 #15 9,801  363,364
6 #31 5,623  368,987
7 #38 4,081  373,068
8 #61  2,558  375,626
9 #81 2,157  377,783
10 #76 1,472  379,255

  • Total Sales Reported by Oricon (in Japan so far): 390,041

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