"Step You"/"Is This Love?" is the 35th single released by Hamasaki Ayumi. It was a double a-side single released on April 20, 2005. "Step you"/"is this Love?" was the first single released by Ayumi Hamasaki in 2005. "Step you"/"is this Love?" was the best-selling solo single of 2005 by a female artist until September 2005, when Mika Nakashima's Glamorous Sky outsold it. The DVD featured 3 PVs, including one for "Step you," "is this Love?", and also for "my name's Women" from Hamasaki's 2004 album, My Story. Chiharu and Etsu from TRF were featured alongside Ayu in the PV. The "My Name's Women" PV is currently the second most expensive music video by a Japanese artist, behind Hamasaki's "Fairyland" PV. To date, the single has sold over 345,000 copies, making it her best-selling single of 2005. To date, STEP you / is this LOVE? has been downloaded over 900,000 times. According to an online poll on the A Best 2 website, Step you was voted as the best song during the A Best 2 period.

Oricon Weekly Ranks & Sales

Week #Week RankSalesTotal Sales
1 1 164,008164,008
2 1 68,977232,985
3 2 43,372276,357
4 5 23,479299,836
5 15 13,702313,538
6 17 9,080322,618
7 26 5,383328,001

Total Sales: 345,340 (Oricon)
Total Sales: 403,000 (Avex)

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