Shake It Up is the twenty-second single by Koda Kumi released on 28th December 2005. It is the fourth single of her ~12 Weeks Project~ and was used as the ending theme of Nippon TV's show 'The Sunday'. It was released as a CD only version and limited to 50,000 copies.

The CD cover represents Brazil.

Shake It Up debuted at #6 postion weekly on the second week. This is because releases on the last week of the year are added with the next week on the Oricon charts. It sold 44,419 copies in its debut.

Koda Kumi
Shake It Up
CD Tracklist
  1. Shake It Up
  2. Shake It Up (Instrumental)

Oricon Ranks & Sales

Week #Week RankSalesTotal Sales
1+2 #6 44,419 44,419
  • Total Sales Reported by Oricon: 47,014

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