Seishun Bus Guide / Rival

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August 03, 2009
CD Single
Hirata Shouichirou

Seishun Bus Guide/Rival (青春バスガイドライバル) is the 20th single release from Berryz Koubou. This single is the first time Berryz Koubou has released a "Double A-side" as a single. The single was released June 3rd. The single sold 29,169 within it's first week.

Seishun Bus Guide

Seishun Bus Guide was heavy-ly promoted when compared to Rival. This song was being used as the ending theme song to the Inazuma11 anime. The tie in with the anime, is what made fans believe as to why it was more promoted than Rival. The song was extremely surprising, because the girls where dressed as boys in school uniforms. The song revolved around one "Bus-Guide" in which the "boys" fall in love with and compete to when the heart of the Bus Guide, by making others jealous. While the PV seemed highly comical, the serious in the lyrics is an interesting variable in the equation.

Main Vocalist/s

Major: Risako Sugaya, Momoko Tsugunaga

Minor: Yurina Kumai, Miyabi Natsuyaki

Other Vocalist/s

Major: Saki Shimizu, Maasa Sudou

Minor: Chinami Tokunaga


While Seishun Bus Guide was a fast-beat song, Rival was nice-light alternative, tempo-changing song, full of energy and with a cute-soft-punk-rock feel to it. In addition to the feel of the song, the set was completely made out of cardboard, while Seishun Bus Guide was mainly CGI. The clothes seen on the cover of the the single are the clothes seen worn by the girls in the PV for Rival. The lyrics and the Pv followed nicely, as they both told of times of sadness, but having the future in you hand is something you have to keep you from letting bad things bother you.

Main Vocalist/s

Major:Risako Sugaya, Momoko Tsugunaga, Miyabi Natsuyaki.

Minor:Yurina Kumai

Other Vocalist/s

Other: Saki Shimizu, Maasa Sudou, Chinami Tokunaga

Track Listings

All Lyrics comprised by Tsunku

1.Seishun Bus Guide (青春バスガイド)

2.Rival (ライバル)

3.Seishun Bus Guide (Instrumental)

4.Rival (Instrumental)

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