Sawajiri Erika: Famous Japanese Diva

Sawajiri Erika is one of the most famous singers and actresses in Japan. She is known for having a diva attitude, though. At the premiere of her movie, Closed Note, she was very rude. On a Television interview the next day, she apologized for the next two hours. Now, she doesn't do much of anything and is in love with a man twenty years older than her. She got into the entertainment industry in order to meet Amuro Namie. Sawajiri is French, Algerian, and Japanese.

Born: April 8, 1986
Siblings: Two older brothers
Blood Type: A
'Birthplace: Nerima, Tokyo
Occupation: Model, Singer, Actress
She did start out in Nicola, a pre-teen magazine for middle-schoolers. At one point in her life, she was also a gravure idol
Singles: FREE, Destination Nowhere, Fantasy, Taiyou no Uta (As Kaoru Amane)
One Litre of Tears SP (2007)
Taiyou no Uta (2006)
One Litre of Tears (2005)
Aikurushii (2005)
Shining Moon in Winter (2004)

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