"Rule/Sparkle" is Japanese singer Hamasaki Ayumi's forty-fifth single (forty-sixth overall) and it was released on February 25, 2009. The song "Rule" will be used as the international theme song for Dragonball Evolution.[1] "Sparkle" is used in advertisements for the Honda Zest.[2] The single became Hamasaki's 32nd single to reach number one on the Oricon Singles Chart and 20th consecutive overall.[3]

Release and Packaging

Rule/Sparkle is released in 3 different jackets, one for the CD+DVD version of the single and two others to be used for the CD only versions. Toriyama Akira, the manga artist behind Dragon Ball, was commissioned by Avex Trax to draw an illustration of Hamasaki. The first pressing of the single will feature an illustration of Ayumi as the character Goku, and will be printed on the CD and the DVD.[4] This is her first single since No Way to Say to feature more than two alternate versions or remixes of any tracks.

Oricon Ranks & Sales

Week #1234567Week RankSalesTotal Sales
1 - 111111195,30995,309
2 1 11111110971017,930113,239
3 5 161714131111148,886122,125
4 23 241818182021203,885126,010
5 - ------342,222128,232
6 - ------501,032129,534
7 - -------628130,540
8 - ------124276130,816

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