Hamasaki Ayumi
2002.12.18 (Japan)
2002.02.20 (Hongkong & Taiwan)
2003.01.01 (China)
Catalog Number
¥ 3,059
CD Tracklist
  1. everlasting dream
  2. WE WISH
  3. Real me
  4. Free & Easy
  5. Heartplace
  6. Over
  8. taskinillusion
  9. everywhere nowhere
  10. July 1st
  11. Dolls
  12. neverending dream
  13. Voyage
  14. Close to you
  15. independent+


Rainbow is the fifth studio album by Ayumi Hamasaki. It was released on December 18, 2002, less than a year after I am.... To date Rainbow has sold over 1,858,000 copies and is the 89the best selling album in Japan. This album featured more music production from DAI (of Do As Infinity and Crea (Hamasaki's producer pen name). Since Loveppears, this album is the first studio album from her that did not break the two million mark. The single "Free & Easy" lost out the top daily spot to Kuraki Mai's "Feel Fine!", but eventually took the top position for the week. The single "H" is the only single that broke the million mark in Japan in 2002. The hidden track "+" begins where the song "independent" abruptly ends. "H" was released in four different editions. The three colored editions, green, pink and blue, were limited edtions, and the white was the normal edition. A digipak edition was released featuring all for covers of the single to commemorate the sale of the millionth copy. Initial pressings of the album had an extra track, "Rainbow", listed for track 00 and contained a password to a website. As a promotion for the album, the track was not included on the CD, but part of the instrumental version was released to the password-only website that was open for a limited time where fans could submit their own lyrics.

Lyrical content

Rainbow marked the beginning of Hamasaki's writing English lyrics, and is the first album to feature English lyrics. A previous, Love: Since 1999 featured English lyrics, but was not written by Hamasaki and was never featured on an album.

Oricon Weekly Ranks & Sales

Week #Week RankSalesTotal Sales
1 1 1,016,4821,016,482
2 1 571,0271,587,509
3 3 96,3681,683,877
4 3 57,0281,740,905
5 7 32,7801,773,685
6 16 21,2071,794,892
7 22 15,7481,810,640
8 26 11,1711,821,811
  • Total Sales: 1,857,870 (Japan)
  • Total Sales: 2,000,000 (Avex)
  • Total Sales: 3,000,000 (Asia)

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