PS Company (short for Phonetically Syndicalism Company) is a branch of Free-Will, a record label working in the Japanese music industry. The branch works primarily with visual-kei bands of all musical styles. A sub-division of PS Company, Indie-PSC, deals with independent bands, as opposed to the major bands of PS Company.


PS Company was founded in 1999. In its early days, it managed obscure bands that failed to make it in the music business. The label's first real success was attained after Dué le quartz was signed to it. The small band quickly grew in popularity and brought attention to its label and its members, including the now internationally famous Miyavi.

After 2000, PS Company began to add additional bands onto its roster. This allowed to label to continue its success even after Dué le quartz disbanded in 2002. In the years between 2002 and 2005, PS Company signed several bands that gained substantial fame and success. In 2005, the label held its first "Peace and Smile Carnival", a concert that featured all of its signed artists. At the time, this included Miyavi, the GazettE, alice nine., Kra, and Kagrra,. The show brought a significant audience, and brought to attention PS Company and all of its artists.

In early 2009, PS Company held a second "Peace and Smile Carnival" in celebration of the label's 10th anniversary. In the time since the previous concert, two independant bands, SuG and ScReW had joined the label. These two bands opened for the concert before all the major artists performed. All 13,000 tickets for this show, held at the Nippon Budokan arena, were sold out.

In present-day, PS Company still manages extremely well-known and successful artists. Currently, it is being managed from Tokyo.


The following is a list of bands that are currently or were previously managed by PS Company.


Switched record labels


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