"Never Ever" is the twenty-first single by Hamasaki Ayumi, released on March 7, 2001. This is her third single in a row to be composed by herself. In mid-October 2007, the third track on this single "Seasons (H-H Remix)", 6 and a half years after its release, appeared as the third most downloaded song in Japan for that time, according to mu-mo.

Never Ever was released only three weeks before her first compilation album, A Best. Like the latter album, she was forced by her record label, avex, to release this single. Although she had already incorporated pop-rock music in her work, this song is considered as her first real attempt to pop-rock music.

The single has sold 757,000 copies to date.

Oricon Weekly Ranks & Sales

Week #Week RankSalesTotal Sales
1 1 423,480423,480
2 2 102,410525,890
3 3 70,140596,030
4 7 53,220649,250
5 9 28,210677,460
6 15 21,760699,220
7 21 18,650717,870

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