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Ikimono Gakari
Life Album (ライフアルバム)
Catalog Number
  1. Good Morning
  2. Akaneiro no Yakusoku (茜色の約束 )
  3. Natsuzora Graffiti (夏空グラフィティ)
  4. Seishun Line (青春ライン )
  5. @miso soup
  6. Soprano (ソプラノ)
  7. Hana wa Sakura Kimi wa Utsukushi (花は桜 君は美し )
  8. Chikoku Shichau yo (ちこくしちゃうよ)
  9. Kokoro Hitotsu Arugamama (心一つあるがまま )
  10. Nisemono (ニセモノ)
  11. Tokyo Saru Monogatari (東京猿物語 )
  12. Tsuki to Atashi to Reizouko (月とあたしと冷蔵庫)
  13. Akaneiro no Yakusoku -acoustic version- (茜色の約束)


Life Album is the 2nd album released by Ikimono Gakari. The album includes their previous singles Akaneiro no Yakusoku, Natsuzora Graffiti / Seishun Line and Hana wa Sakura Kimi wa Utsukushi. The tracks Chikoku Shichauyo and Tsuki to Atashi to Reizouko are new versions of tracks with the same name, from their last indies mini-album Jinsei Sugorokudabe.. The first Press comes housed in a box with a special booklet.

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