Johnny & Associates, Inc. (株式会社ジャニーズ事務所 Kabushikigaisha Janīzu Jimusho?), formed by Johnny Kitagawa in 1963, is a talent agency that trains and promotes groups of male idols in Japan. After debuting the talents, Johnny's & Associates would then arrange for them to be signed to record labels such as J Storm, Johnny's Entertainment or labels owned by other companies such as Avex Trax. Regardless of the labels the groups are assigned to, the members and their respective groups would still be bound to their talent agency, Johnny's & Associates.


Debuted groups

Subgroups / Temporary units

Johnny's Jr. units

Johnny's Jrs. are trainees who have yet to debut. They would often perform their seniors' songs on variety shows such as The Shōnen Club as "training". They also serve as back up dancers for groups that have already debuted.

Johnny's Jr.

Kansai Jr.s

Former Junior Groups

Females and the Jimusho

In the 1980s, females were accepted into the agency and through JOHNNY'S Junior Special as a side project called Orange Sisters. The five females (Yoshitake Kayoko, Sakai Tae, Emil Seres, Andrea Nilsson and Yoshikawa Kiyomi) were considered as Female Juniors, yet nothing happened with the unit. Today, there has not been a single woman accepted in agency since then.

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