is a member of the Johnny's Entertainment junior groups Question? and FiVe (Keyboard).

Name: Ishigaki Daisuke (石垣大祐 )
Birthday: June 28, 1985
Birthplace: Nerimaku, Tokyo, Japan
Height: 175cm
Weight: 55kg
Blood Type: A
Entered Johnny's: November 2000

His hobby is bowling.
During elementary and junior high school, he played a lot of soccer.
His mother is his piano teacher.
His favorite alcohol is dried plum liquor.
Actor Ishigaki Yuma is his older brother.
He was going to reveal the truth about Santa to juniors Morimoto Ryutaro & Kyomoto Taiga. (But Question?'s Yodogawa Yoshihiro stopped him.)
Surprisingly, he does not ride rollercoasters.

In a letter reading section with Yodogawa Yoshihiro, it was revealed that Ishigaki attended lessons and rehersals with the drummer before Ishigaki was put into FiVE. He was often mistaken as Yodogawa's older brother, even though he was younger by two years.

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