Hello! Project (ハロー!プロジェクト), often shortened to H!P, is the name for a collection of female groups and artists all produced by Tsunku, a member of Sharam Q. Morning Musume is the main group of Hello! Project, with a number of Morning Musume ex-members forming the majority of the solo artists in H!P. Besides the core groups and solo artists that form H!P's line-up, various special units are formed by mixing these groups and solo artists. Shuffle units, usually formed by shuffling all the H!P members into three temporary units, were formed once a year but since 2006 the idea has been dropped.

The group is managed by the Up-Front Agency. Almost all Hello! Project artists' recordings are published by Up-Front Works on either the zetima, PICCOLO TOWN or hachama record labels. But Iida Kaori's Mediterranean styled works are released under the Chichukai label and Maeda Yuki's under the Rice Music label. Country Musume's older work was released on the Potato Label, Coconuts Musume's older works were originally released on the Sony record label, Sheki-Dol's first singles were released on SPREE RECORDS and Heike Michiyo's older works on Warner Music Japan, but they eventually all moved to zetima.

While there is a range of music and styles covered by the Hello! Project artists, all remain more-or-less firmly in the bubblegum pop category. Morning Musume is a good starting point, but each artist and group offers their own style.

Current Line-up


Solo Artists

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Former Artists and Groups

Former Groups

Former Artists

Shuffle Units

Special Units

The Shuffle Units were temporary groups usually formed during the summer. The original concept was to shuffle all the members from Hello! Project to form three new groups who would then release three singles at the same time to see which group would sell the most. This idea was probably dropped due to low sales during 2003 when all songs were released on one single. Since then the shuffle units have become more of an annual tradition rather than a contest. In 2004 all members of the Hello! Project formed a single unit, H.P. All Stars and in 2005 only eleven members were shuffled between three groups. Since 2006 there have not been any new shuffle units.

The Special Units only released one or two singles and were never mentioned again, so it can be assumed they will not be active anymore.


For Morning Musume Auditions see Morning Musume#Auditions.

1st Morning Musume & Heike Michiyo Protegee Audition

  • date: 1999.2.??
  • number of applicants: 3,264
  • selected: 三佳千夏 (Miyoshi Chinatsu)

2nd Morning Musume & Heike Michiyo Protegee Audition

3rd Morning Musume & Heike Michiyo Protegee Audition

  • date: 1999.09.09 (application details were included with Morning Musume's 7th single LOVE Machine)
  • second interview in November 1999
  • number of applicants: unknown
  • selected: none

4th Morning Musume & Heike Michiyo Protegee Audition

  • date: 2000.05.17 (application details were included with Morning Musume's 9th single Happy Summer Wedding)
  • second interview in June 2000
  • number of applicants: 1500
  • selected: Matsuura Aya, also selected: Sheki-Dol (who debuted earlier than Aya)

Pacific Dream Pop Singer Contest

Hello! Project Kids Audition

Hello! Pro Egg Audition

Hello! Project Kansai Audition 2005



Many of the groups/girls in Hello! Project host radio shows or have in the past. They include guest speakers, upcoming release previews, the girls' selected choices of music and often funny radio skits or segments.

Current Shows

| Title | Host | Dates |-

Afternoon Paradise -Trip In the Country-

Kimura Ayaka with Tokutake Hirofumi

2005-10-03 to present day

Ai say Hello

Mitsui Aika

2007-05-04 to present day

All Night Nippon

various guest appearances 1998-09-10 to present day

Berryz Koubou Kiritsu! Rei! Chakuseki!

Berryz Koubou

2004-03-30 to present day

Hello! Music Latte

Kimura Ayaka

2005-04-?? to present day

°C-ute Yajima Maimi no I My Me ♡ Maimi~

Yajima Maimi

2006-07-04 to present day



2008-10-29 to present day


Niigaki Risa & Kamei Eri (Mondays), Matsuura Aya (Tuesdays), and Tanaka Reina (Wednesdays)

2007-10-02 to present day

Girls Kiss


2008-02-16 to present day


Ongaku Gatas

2007-10-01 to present day

Konya mo Usa-chan Peace

Michishige Sayumi

2006-10-05 to present day

pop up inc.

various guest appearances 2003-04-?? to present day

Maeda Yuki no Music & Diary

Maeda Yuki

2007-07-?? to present day


various semi-regular guest appearances 2003 to present day

Shindoru Parlor

various hosts 2000 to present day

Tokyo → Niigata Music Convoy

Melon Kinenbi

2005-10-03 to present day

Yaruki Manman!

various semi-regular guest appearances 2003 to present day

Young Town Douyoubi

various guest appearances 1997-11-02 to present day

Past Shows

| Title | Host | Dates |-

All Night Nippon

Matsuura Aya

2005-03-30 to 2006-12-27

Anata ga Iru Kara Yaguchi Mari

Yaguchi Mari

2003-04-06 to 2005-03-27



2005-04-03 to 2006-09-30

Blend Kiss

Ayaka, Satoda Mai

2004-06-06 to 2005-06-26

Chanchaka Charmy

Ishikawa Rika

2004-04-01 to 2006-09-21

Chichuukai Sound Stroll

Iida Kaori with Aida Shoko

2005-04-02 to 2007-09-01

Coconut Kiss!

Kimura Ayaka

2006-01-04 to 2006-07-26

Colorful Pleasure

Melon Kinenbi

2003-??-?? to 2005-03-26

Cutie Party


2006-10-07 to 2008-09-27

Dokimiki Night

Fujimoto Miki

2002-10-13 to 2007-09-24


Abe Natsumi

2001 to 2003

Fujimoto Miki Heart Days Radio

Fujimoto Miki

2002-10-10 to 2003-03-27

FUN Field Mouretsu Mou-dash

Murata Megumi with rotating guests

2005-04-01 to 2008-03-28


Niigaki Risa and Kamei Eri

2007-04-07 to 2008-09-27

HelloPro Yanen!

with rotating hosts 2004-02-06 to 2008-09-22

Ikinari Inaba, Yoroshiku Yossi

Yoshizawa Hitomi & Inaba Atsuko

2002-10-12 to 2004-03-27

Kibun wa Melon Melon

Shibata Ayumi

2002-01-03 to 2004-03-25

Kimama ni Classic

Nakazawa Yuko

2004-04-02 to 2006-03-31

Kiss the Coconuts!

Coconuts Musume

2001-??-?? to 2004-05-30

Konya mo Koushinchu

Iida Kaori

2001-04-?? to 2003-03-??

Konya mo Mankai


2000-03-30 to 2001-04-12

Maeda Yuki no Yume Ongakukan

Maeda Yuki

2008-05-06 to 2008-06-30


Nakazawa Yuko with Matsukaze Masaya

2005-10-02 to 2008-03-30

Matsuura Aya Let's do it!!

Matsuura Aya

2001-03-27 to 2005-03-27


Melon Kinenbi

2002-04-04 to 2004-03-23


Murata Megumi with rotating guests 2008-04-05 to 2008-06-28

Nanmara Saiko~Dabe.

Country Musume

2002-??-?? to 2004-03-25



2000-10-02 to 2003-09-23

Pucchi Moni Diver

Pucchi Moni

1999-10-04 to 2001-12-25

Super Morning Rider

Abe Natsumi

2000 to 2001



2001 to 2002

Radio Drama

Hello! Project Radio Drama CD Volume One (2003-10-29)

1. Nani mo nai Machi - Takahashi Ai, Konno Asami, Ogawa Makoto
2. Tameki to Kame - Yaguchi Mari, Yasuda Kei
3. Ame Yadori - Fujimoto Miki, Iida Kaori, Yoshizawa Hitomi

Hello! Project Radio Drama CD Volume Two (2003-10-29)

1. Radio Friends - Goto Maki, Yaguchi Mari, Saitou Hitomi
2. Hoshizuna no Jima, Watashi no Jima Nakazawa Yuko, Matsuura Aya

Hello! Project Radio Drama CD Volume Three (2004-03-31)

1. Onsen Iki no Bus Yurarete - Abe Natsumi, Inaba Atsuko, Tsuji Nozomi, Kago Ai
2. Aa Sakura Bashi - Konno Asami, Ishikawa Rika
3. Crepe no Iru Machi - Fujimoto Miki, Takahashi Ai, Niigaki Risa

Hello! Project Radio Drama CD Volume Four (2004-06-09)

1. Gocchin x2 - Goto Maki, Inaba Atsuko
2. EMA - Yoshizawa Hitomi, Shibata Ayumi, Murata Megumi
3. THE☆BENGTOYAH - Yaguchi Mari, Ogawa Makoto, Fujimoto Miki, Konno Asami
4. Pantheon no Toko - Ishikawa Rika, Kamei Eri, Kago Ai

Hello! Project Radio Drama CD Series Two Volume One (2004-07-14)

1. Sayonara Ashita - Ishikawa Rika, Yoshizawa Hitomi, Hamamura Jun
2. The • Miss Tsuutenkaku - Iida Kaori, Ohtani Masae, Saitou Hitomi
3. Ojiichan no Mukashibanashi - Konno Asami, Tanaka Reina, Hamamura Jun, Horiuchi Takao

Hello! Project Radio Drama CD Series Two Volume Two (2004-07-14)

1. Shimizu no Futai Kara - Tsuji Nozomi, Takahashi Ai, Inaba Atsuko
2. Dochinko Mangaishi - Abe Natsumi, Fujimoto Miki, Satoda Mai, Inaba Atsuko
3. Naniwa Angels - Nakazawa Yuko, Kago Ai, Matsuura Aya, Hamamura Jun, Horiuchi Takao

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