ハロー!モーニング (English: Hello! Morning) is a weekly television show starring the lead Hello! Project group Morning Musume (although originally, all Hello! Project members were featured). It has aired 11:30 to 12:30 Sundays on TV Tokyo. It has been on the air from April 2000 until April 2007. The name of the show is often abbreviated as ハロモニ (Haromoni).

The last episode of Hello! Morning was aired April 1st, 2007 after 354 episodes. The show was replaced with a new show called Haromoni@, which is somewhat shorter and has a different concept.


Hello! Morning's air time was divided in several corners, some of which were steady and some of which were not.

Episode Listing

The episode titles listed here aren't official. They're just intended to give a rough indication of what's in the episode for help in identification. Most of the first 136 titles were made up by the people who served the episodes on IRC, after that ~Dan~ and Crash-O provide descriptions. Since around episode 200, some of the names are taken from the descriptions at Hello Pro Bittorrent, where episodes of the show are available on a weekly basis. Taka has been updating the early vague episode titles.


Each episode is 30 minutes (24 minutes without commercials).


The show becomes longer. 45 minutes (37 minutes without commercials).



Show becomes 55(?) minutes (44 minutes without commercials).

Show extends to 60 minutes (49 minutes without commercials). TV Tokyo, 11:30am - 12:30pm.



Show becomes shorter for the first time: broadcast 11:30-12:24 (54 minutes - 44 minutes without commercials).



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