FREAKY is the thirty-sixth single by Koda Kumi released on 27th June 2007. It follows on 4 hot wave as another quadruple A-side summer single. However, only 2 of the tracks will have a music video on the DVD. It includes the tracks 'FREAKY' and 'Run For Your Life' which have their own music videos along with 'girls' and 'Sora'. First press editions will have the instrumentals replaced with remixes and will come with a poster. Like her previous singles, 'FREAKY' is released in CD and CD+DVD versions.

FREAKY became Koda's fourth #1 single, selling 108,349 copies in its first week. It also got #1 on the monthly singles chart.

FREAKY is certified Platinum by RIAJ for shipment of 250,000 copies.

Koda Kumi
CD Tracklist
  2. Sora (空;Sky)
  3. Run For Your Life
  4. girls
  5. FREAKY (Instrumental)
  6. Sora (Instrumental)
  7. Run For Your Life (Instrumental)
  8. girls (Instrumental)
  9. FREAKY (Surtek Collective's Aciton Remix featuring Peter Rap) (first press bonus)
  10. Sora (Yukihiro Fukutomi Remix) (first press bonus)
  11. Run For Your Life (Kaskada Remix) (first press bonus)
  12. girls (Cubismo Grafico Beach Girls Mix) (first press bonus)
DVD Tracklist
  2. Run For Your Life
  3. FREAKY (Making Of)
  4. Run For Your Life (Making Of)

Oricon Ranks & Sales

Week #Week RankSalesTotal Sales
1 #1 108,349 108,349
2 #3 35,028  143,377
3 #7 17,011 160,388
4 #14 10,409 170,797
5 #19 6,503 177,300
6 #26 4,779 182,079
  • Total Sales Reported by Oricon: 195,332

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