EXODUS is the debut English-language album by Japanese-American singer Utada Hikaru (this, however was released under her American stage-name Utada).

Album tracklist


  1. Opening
  2. Devil Inside
  3. EXODUS '04
  5. Easy Breezy
  6. Tippy Toe
  7. Hotel Lobby
  8. Animato
  9. Crossover Interlude
  10. Kremlin Dusk
  11. You Make Me Want to Be a Man
  12. Wonder 'Bout
  13. Let Me Give You My Love
  14. About Me

UK Bonus Tracks:

   15.   You Make Me Want to Be a Man - Bloodshy & Avant Mix
   16.   You Make Me Want to Be a Man - Junior Jack Mix


EXODUS - Oricon Sales Chart (Japan)  


Chart Peak Position Debut Sales Sales Total Chart Run
September 8, 2004 Oricon Daily Albums Chart 1
September 8, 2004 Oricon Weekly Albums Chart 1 523,761 1,074,393 20
September 8, 2004 Oricon Yearly Albums Chart 6

EXODUS - Billboard Sales Chart (U.S.)


Chart Peak Position Sales Total
October 5, 2004 The Billboard 200 160 55,000
October 5, 2004 Top Heatseekers 5

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