"Endless sorrow" is the 22nd single released by Hamasaki Ayumi on May 16, 2001. It is also found on her I am... album. The version featured on the single is vastly different from "Endless sorrow (gone with the wind version)", featured on the album; the album version with a generally more mellow, calmer sound. The single version features dramatic strings, piano, and rock leanings. The album version also contains a hidden track, "Flower Garden", with several minutes separating "Endless Sorrow" and the hidden track.

The original version of "Endless Sorrow" was the theme song of the Japanese drama "Mukashi no otoko" that was broadcast on TBS. The "Kirai Natsu Ayu Mix" of "Vogue" was used in commercial for a Kose Visee mascara featuring Hamasaki herself.

The PV of Endless Sorrow depicts a young boy living in a society in which speaking was prohibited by law. The boy, however, climbs a tower, meeting a man (presumably a priest because of his clothing) and a one-winged angel who looks exactly like the boy. Apart from shots of the cover of the Endless Sorrow single, Hamasaki does not appear in original version of the PV, but in a later version, Hamasaki appears at the end of the video in a trench coat and fedora, and picks up the feather dropped by the boy.

The single has sold 768,510 copies to date.

Oricon Weekly Ranks & Sales

Week #Week RankSalesTotal Sales
1 1 430,220430,220
2 3 130,370560,590
3 3 81,780642,370
4 6 42,570684,940
5 11 26,650711,590
6 14 18,100729,690
7 20 15,620745,310
8 29 8,760754,070
9 27 7,240761,310

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