D'espairsRay (formerly typeset as DéspairsRay or +DéspairsRay+) is a visual kei band formed in 1999 by a majority of the band that had just disbanded then, Le'Veil. They have a rather dark appearance which is often mistaken by non-visuals with goth. It can be said that D'espairsRay was always, even at the beginning, quite over the average visual kei indie band. Their music could have been considered as heavy rock, and more often as industrial goth rock. Their influences are partially from Marilyn Manson as can be heard on Furachina Toiki to Amai Uso.

Around 2003 they changed their style with MaVERiCK, turning into nu-metal. They had been gaining popularity ever since.

What has always been the same are the dark lyrics, mostly about death and bad things about the world, these messages are oftenly being screamed out by HIZUMI.




Mini Albums




  • [2006.07.24] [LIQUIDIZE]

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