Communication!!! is the second album by JPop singer-songwriter Leah Dizon, released by Victor Entertainment on August 20, 2008. Leah Dizon herself also wrote/co-wrote 10 of the tracks and composed two herself. It was released in a CD-only and CD + DVD format and it includes the title tracks from her two latest singles, Love Paradox and Vanilla as well as two b-sides.

According to one press release, Lost At Sea and BxKxRxxx' are said to be rock tunes, "her first".

CD track listing

  1. Step into my world
  2. Love Paradox
  4. Without a good-bye
  5. Vanilla
  6. Nothin' to Lose
  7. Lost at Sea
  8. Communication!!!
  9. Not Too Bad
  10. BxKxRxxx
  11. Under The Same Sky
  12. Thank you

DVD Tracklist

  1. Under the Same Sky (PV)
  2. Under the Same Sky (Tokyo Prom Queen Version) (PV)
  3. Under the Same Sky (Making Video)
  4. Vanilla (PV)
  5. Sweet Vanilla shot!
  6. Love Paradox (PV)
  7. Hong Kong Tour Live & Off Leah's Cut

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