°C-ute is a Japanese pop girl group signed under Up-Front Agency and part of Hello! Project.


Current Members

Former Members


°C-ute was formed on June 11, 2005, and featured the seven members of Hello! Project Kids who weren't selected to become part of Berryz Koubou. On January 2, 2006, Arihara Kanna (from Hello! Pro Egg) made her debut as a member of the group, making eight members in total. On May 6, 2006, °C-ute released their debut indie single, "Massara Blue Jeans", and three more indie singles followed that year. However, on October 31, 2006, Murakami Megumi had suddenly left the group and Hello! Project without a graduation ceremony, the official reason stating that she wanted to focus on her studies.

°C-ute made their major debut on February 21, 2007 with the release of "Sakura Chirari". Up until the release of their second single, they had presented a cute, youthful image. They quickly transitioned to a stronger, mature image in their third single, "Tokaikko Junjou", which is still °C-ute's highest selling single. °C-ute won the "Best New Artist Award" at the 49th Japan Record Awards on December 30, 2007. On December 31, they performed for the first time on the 58th NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen along with Morning Musume and Berryz Koubou.

The main vocalists for °C-ute's singles are Yajima Maimi and Suzuki Airi. (Murakami Megumi was also a main vocalist when she was still part of the group.) In such singles like "Namida no Iro" and "FOREVER LOVE", they would sing the majority of the song, but most recently, the other members will receive singing lines as well.

In early 2009, Arihara Kanna went on medical leave and is currently on hiatus from all activities in Hello! Project. Most notably, she is absent from the group's eighth single, "Bye Bye Bye!" & also the group's 9th single Shochuu Omimai Moshiagemasu, and the group's 2009 Spring concert tour.


Singles (Indies)

No.TitleRelease date
1 まっさらブルージーンズ (Massara Blue Jeans) 2006.05.06
2 即抱きしめて (Soku Dakishimete) 2006.06.03
3 大きな愛でもてなして (Ooki na Ai de Motenashite) 2006.07.09
4 わっきゃない(Z) (Wakkyanai (Z)) 2006.07.29

Singles (Major)

No. Title Release date First week sales Total sales Highest
1 桜チラリ (Sakura Chirari) 2007.02.21 23,827 26,595 5
2 めぐる恋の季節 (Meguru Koi no Kisetsu) 2007.07.11 23,810 26,785 5
3 都会っ子 純情 (Tokaikko Junjou) 2007.10.17 27,943 38,085 3
4 LALALA 幸せの歌 (LALALA Shiawase no Uta) 2008.02.27 29,086 31,650 6
5 涙の色 (Namida no Iro) 2008.04.23 30,008 33,422 4
6 江戸の手毬唄Ⅱ (Edo no Temari Uta II) 2008.07.30 27,805 35,789 5
7 FOREVER LOVE 2008.11.26 26,603 29,144 5
8 Bye Bye Bye! 2009.04.15 24,882 27,918 4
9 Sochuu Omimai Moshiagemasu 2009.07.01 27,798 33,613 5
10 EVERYDAY Zekkouchou! 2009.09.16 23,747 27,750 2
11 SHOCK! 2010.01.06 18,665 18,665* 5

Studio Albums

No.TitleRelease dateFirst week salesTotal salesHighest
1 キューティークイーン VOL.1 (Cutie Queen VOL.1) 2006.10.25 13,402 15,752 15
2 ② mini~生きるという力~ (2 mini ~Ikiru to Iu Chikara~) 2007.04.18 7,991 9,388 21
3 3rd~LOVE エスカレーション!~ (3rd ~LOVE Escalation!~) 2008.03.12 13,780 17,099 10
4 ④ あこがれ My STAR (4 Akogare My STAR) 2009.01.28 11,327 13,724* 13
5 SHOCKING 5 2010.02.24 * * *

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