Black Cherry is the fifth studio album by Koda Kumi released on 20th December 2006. The album came in three editions; CD only, CD+DVD, and CD+2DVD. The first DVD contains all but one PVs post ~second session~. The second DVD contains the Cherry Girl drama, which is her first role as a main character. The first press versions of the album included three bonus tracks: "Twinkle", "Go Way!!", and "Won't Be Long ~Red Cherry Version~".

Black Cherry debuted at #1, selling 502, 426 copies in its first week and kept the #1 position for four weeks. The album has sold 1,031,408.

Koda Kumi
Black Cherry
Catalog Number
RZCD-45506/B~C (CD+2DVD)
RZCD-45507/B (CD+DVD)
RZCD-45508 (CD)
¥ 5,040 (CD+2DVD)
¥ 3,990 (CD+DVD)
¥ 3,059 (CD)
CD Tracklist
  1. Introduction
  2. Get Up & Move!!
  3. Ningyo-hime (人魚姫; Mermaid Princess)
  4. Yume no Uta (夢のうた; Song of Dreams)
  5. Tsuki to Taiyou (月と太陽; Moon and Sun)
  6. Puppy
  7. Koi no Tsubomi (恋のつぼみ; Bud of Love)
  8. Won't Be Long~Black Cherry Version~
  9. Juicy
  10. Candle Light
  11. Cherry Girl
  12. I'll be there
  13. Unmei (運命; Fate)
  14. With your smile
  15. ミルクティー (Milk Tea)

DVD 1 Tracklist
  1. Koi no Tsubomi
  2. JUICY
  3. With your smile
  4. I'll be there
  5. Ningyo-hime
  6. Yume no Uta
  7. Cherry Girl
  8. Unmei
  9. Twinkle (feat. Show)
  10. Premium Making of

DVD 2 Tracklist
  1. "Cherry Girl" Drama
  2. "Cherry Girl" Pamphlet

Oricon Ranks & Sales

Week #Week RankSalesTotal Sales
1 #1 502,426 502,426
2 #1
3 #1
4 #1
  • Total Sales Reported by Avex: 1,460,000 (Japan)

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