File:AVCD-11691 .jpg
Hamasaki Ayumi
A Song for XX
1999.01.01 (Japan)
Catalog Number
¥ 3,059
  1. Prologue
  2. A Song for XX
  3. Hana
  6. poker face
  7. Wishing
  8. YOU
  9. As if...
  11. Trust
  12. Depend on you
  13. SIGNAL
  14. from your letter
  15. For My Dear...
  16. Present


A Song for XX was Ayumi Hamasaki's debut album on a major label. Though the official release date was January 1, 1999, the album was sold in the record stores since mid-December. To surprise of many critics, the album debuted at the top position of the Oricon Charts and topped the chart for five weeks, a remarkable feat for a debut album. The album debuted at #1 with more than 548,210 copies sold. This was mainly due to the fact that A Song for XX debut sales was the first and second week sales combined (Oricon only has 51 weeks instead of 52). The album stayed on the charts fpr 63 weeks and eventually went on to sell a more than a mmillion copies. As of 2008, A Song for XX is the Japan's 139th best selling album of all time. The title "A Song for XX" refers to Hamasaki's estranged father, whom she never knew. The title track refers to Hamasaki's move from Fukuoka to Tokyo.

Weekly Oricon Ranks & Charts

ChartPeak positionFirst Week SalesTotal SalesChart run
Oricon Daily Album Chart1
Oricon Weekly Album Chart 1 548,210 1,451,91063
Oricon Monthly Album Chart 1
Oricon Yearly Album Chart 15
  • Total Sales: 1,451,910 (Japan)
  • Total Sales: 2,500,000 (Asia)

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