4 hot wave is the thirty-second single by Koda Kumi released on 26th July 2006. It is Koda's first quadruple A-side single and includes the rock song 'Ningyo-hime' (人魚姫; Mermaid Princess), summery 'I'll be there', R&B dance track 'JUICY' and 'With your smile'. All four singles had their own music videos which linked together as a story. The single also included interludes which is a first for Koda. Like her previous singles, '4 hot wave' is released in CD and CD+DVD versions. The covers were shot in Morroco where Koda was shooting for her photobook MAROC, also released on the same day.

'4 hot wave' reached #1 daily but finished at #2 behind KinKi Kids, nearly breaking their streak of consecutive #1's. It sold 207,484 in its first week, giving Koda the title of highest female debut week sales for 2006 and eventually becoming her highest selling single overall.

4 hot wave is certified Platinum by RIAJ for shipment of 250,000 copies.

Koda Kumi
4 hot wave
CD Tracklist
  1. Introduction ~I'll be there~
  2. Ningyo-hime (人魚姫; Mermaid Princess)
  3. I'll be there
  4. Interlude ~JUICY/Ningyo-hime~
  5. JUICY
  6. With your smile
  7. Outroduction ~With your smile~
DVD Tracklist
  1. JUICY
  2. With your smile
  3. I'll be there
  4. Ningyo-hime
  5. MAROC Photobook Offshoot (first press bonus)

Oricon Ranks & Sales

Week #Week RankSalesTotal Sales
1 #2 207,484 207,484
2 #3 75,296 282,780
3 #4 37,600 320,380
4 #5 25,056 345,436
5 #8 13,698 359,134
6 #26 9,989 369,123
7 #27 6,058 375,181
  • Total Sales Reported by Oricon: 390,685
  • Total Sales Reported by Avex: 489,000

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