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①さなぎのバスローブ (Romaji: (1) Sanagi no Bathrobe, English: (1) Pulp of Bathrobe) is the first mini-album from Tokito Ami. It was released on 2005-12-07 on the Good Factory Record label. 3 different versions were released: the Ishimaru Limited Version with limited packaging and picture label on disc, Limited Edition featuring a mini photobook and DVD with videos for Fushigi na Merumo and Tasogare Onnairo no Blues, and a regular edition.

Track Listing

  1. 黄昏女艶のブルース (Tasogare Onnairo no Blues)
  2. メロンのためいき (Melon no Tameiki)
  3. 21世紀まで愛して (21 Seiki made Aishite)
  4. ふしぎなメルモ (Fushigi na Merumo)
  5. 黒ネコのタンゴ (Kuro Neko no Tango)
  6. 発明美人とパインナッポー!! (Hatsumei Bijin to Pineapple!!)

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