17才~旅立ちのふたり (romaji: 17sai~Tabidachi no Futari, english: 17 years old ~ The Travelling Pair) is a Hello! Project movie, starring Ishikawa Rika and Fujimoto Miki. It was released in September 2003, and shared its screen time with Seishun Bakachin Ryorijuku, a movie with Goto Maki. It was later released on VHS/DVD on 2004-04-21.


Kawamura Maiko (Ishikawa) is the adoptive eldest daughter of Ozaki Kazuyo and Hiroji, a couple that doesn't have children of their own but that have given a home to her and four other abandoned children. She dreams of becoming a storybook illustrator, and has somewhat of a crush on her Arts teacher.

On the other hand, Izumi Risa (Fujimoto) is disenchanted with life. She doesn't have a father, and her mother is the spendrift owner of a small bar, caring so little for money that she's lent more than she can afford to a man that is being unfaithful to her. Risa has dropped out of school so the bar won't go bankrupt, but her mother doesn't seem to understand why she's in such bad spirits.

Risa and Maiko meet through Kota, the youngest boy fostered by Maiko's adoptive family, who hates everything and anything (except Risa). Though they are unlikely friends, Risa will give Maiko a new perspective on what family is, something that will be particularly handy when Maiko's father--who left her behind 13 years ago--decides to appear again in her life.



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