15 (Ichigo) no Blues is the first and only single released by 156P strawberry six pocket, a one-time unit of Love Berry models Kawabe Chieco and Oda Mizuho. Their name is a play on that of bands like 175R. The song mixes pop with each girl's rapping and singing. The single was distributed by Universal.

The group's name itself and the single title are all puns using the Japanese and English languages. The band's name is not pronounced "hyaku gojuu roku", which is the Japanese word for "one-hundred fifty-six", but it is pronounced "ichi go roku", which is literally "one five six". The word "ichigo" also means "strawberry" in Japanese. Thus, "156P" means "Strawberry Six Pocket".

It is likewise for the single. Not pronounced "Juugo no Buruusu" (literally, "The Blues of 15"), but "Ichigo no Buruusu" (literally, "One Five Blues" or "Strawberry Blues"). This is also evident with the song's chorus, which repeats the words "strawberry blues" several times. References to "6 pocket" are also made in both English and Japanese.


  • Artist: 156P (ストロベリー・シックス・ポケット; Strawberry Six Pocket)
  • Title: 15 (Ichigo) no Blues (15[いちご]のブルース)
  • Code: STBY-1001
  • Release Date: 2003.09.20
  • Price: ¥1000

Track Listing

  1. 15 no Blues (15[いちご]のブルース)
  2. 15 no Blues (strawberry six pocket remix)


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