File:SHINVI - 15 to 30 (2002).jpg

Shinvi's First Album [2002.03.30]

Track Listing:

  1. Intro
  2. To My Friend - Age 17
  3. 고양이 (Koyangi Step) Step - Age 22
  4. 아쉬움으로 (Ah Swi Oo Meu Ro) - Age 21
  5. Violet...That`s Meaning - Age 23
  6. Happy Dream - Age 20
  7. 천상휴가 (Chun Sang Hyoo Ga) - Age 30
  8. Just In Time - Age 15
  9. Princess In The Castle - Age 26
  10. Starry Night - Age 27
  11. 슬픈 선물 (Seulpeun Sunmool) - Age 25
  12. Darling - Age 18
  13. To My Friend 96 Mix


The theme of 15 to 30, Shinvi's first album, is the telling of eleven different love stories from people ranging in age from 15 to 30.

The first song Shinvi promoted from this album was To My Friend. The second song, Darling, was decided via an online poll, and was used for the online game Shining Lore. Shinvi also performed Koyangi Step at a Shinhwa/god joint concert.

Random factoid: The streaming samples available approximately two months before the album's release featured a different Intro than what ended up on the album.

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