100% Pure is the second single by PIPO Angel's. Like their previous single, the title track was used as an opening theme for the anime "Tantei Gakuen Q". A limited edition trading card collaborating with the anime was included in first pressings.

Although the Sony site refers to the release as an "album"[1], the side of the single itself calls it a "maxi-single", even though their debut single "Luvly,Merry-Go-Round" is included as a B-side.


  • Artist: PIPO Angel's
  • Title: 100% Pure (100%ピュア)
  • Code: SRCL-5668
  • Release Date: 2004.02.18
  • Price: ¥1223


  1. 100% Pure (100%ピュア)
  2. Minna no Kokoro (みんなのココロ; Everyone's Hearts)
  3. Luvly,Merry-Go-Round
  4. 100% Pure (Instrumental)


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