①かなりキャナァーリ (Romaji: (1) Kanari Canaria) is the first mini-album of the TNX group Canaria Club. The mini-album (GFCG-11303) was released on 2007-10-17 on the Good Factory Record label.

Track Listing

  1. ピカピカ! (Pika Pika!)
  2. 青春万歳! (Seishun Banzai!)
  3. Dream on dreams / Mikki, Ikucchi, Rippon, Okkyan, Ucchi, Eri~na
  4. どうにかして! (Dounika Shite!)
  5. SWEET&TOUGHNESS(スイート&タフネス)
  6. 同級生~押さえきれない夏の恋~ (Doukyuusei ~Osae Kire nai Natsu no Koi!~) / Ogamana
  7. FOREVER~あなたに会いたい~ (FOREVER ~Anata ni Aitai~) / Ayubee, Macchan

Oricon Rank and Sales

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Total sales: 1,623*

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