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Tommy heavenly6
+gothic Pink+
Tommy heavenly6
Lucy Henson
Other Information
Arrangement: Lucy Henson and Chris Walker
Production: Lucy Henson and Chris Walker

+gothic Pink+ is a rock song released by Kawase Tomoko's dark solo project Tommy heavenly6. It was used as a radio single for the release of her debut Heavenly album Tommy heavenly6, and had a music video to go with it, though was not released as an official physical single.

Music Video

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The music video was directed by Seki★Ryuuji. It features Tommy walking through a dark, pink forest. The music video later featured on the first press DVD of her second Heavenly album, Heavy Starry Heavenly.


There are two known versions of +gothic Pink+ to be found in Kawase's discography. These include:

+gothic Pink+
Found on the Tommy heavenly6 album as track #6. This is the version set to the PV.
+gothic Pink+ (Melancholic guitar version)
Found on the I'm Gonna SCREAM+ single as track #3. This version is a dark acoustic version.

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