File:Tokyojihen adultporn(thesoundtrack).jpg
Tokyo Jihen
"Adult Video" Original Sound Track
Side A Tracklist
  1. Shuraba (single version) (修羅場; Scene of Carnage)
  2. Koi wa Maboroshi (single version) (恋は幻; Love is a Phantom)
  3. Tasogare Naki FOR MOTHER (黄昏泣き; Crying at Twilight)
Side B Tracklist
  1. Himitsu FOR DJ (秘密; Secret)
  2. Kabuki (歌舞伎; Kabuki)
  3. Kenka Joutou (喧嘩上等; Active Fighting)


"Adult Video" Original Sound Track is Tokyo Jihen's second vinyl. This 10 inch vinyl was simultaneously released with the DVD Adult Video. It contains the same songs, with the exception of Koi wa Maboroshi, which was the single version, and not the "FOR MUSICIAN" version.

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